First of 55,000 Current (currently) by GE, Streetlights Installed in Southern California

San Diego, CA – November 27, 2018 – First of 55,000 Current (currently) by GE, Streetlights Installed in Southern California

The City of Murrieta, California earlier this month became the first of 11 Riverside County cities to obtain ownership of thousands of streetlights that will be retrofit with LED fixtures to minimize light pollution, enhance public safety and save approximately $60 million in reduced energy and maintenance costs over a 20-year period. The Western Riverside Council of Governments (WRCOG) is working on behalf of the 11 local jurisdictions to facilitate the purchase of streetlights from Southern California Edison (SCE) and retrofit them with 55,000 Current, powered by GE (GE) fixtures.

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San Diego Debuts New Smart City Apps & Intelligent Lighting Controls from Current by GE

San Diego, CA – November 13, 2018 – Debuts New Smart City Apps & Intelligent Lighting Controls from Current by GE.

San Diego adds an additional 1,000 CityIQ* sensor nodes and rolls out first digital apps for world’s largest smart city IoT platform. Apps provide data visualization software for parking and traffic safety improvements, and support police and first responders. San Diego estimates an additional savings of $1.2 million annually from a first-of-its kind lighting controls utility interface and maintenance savings.

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San Diego Aims to Set the Pace for Smart City Networks

San Diego, CA – April 21, 2017 – San Diego Aims to Set the Pace for Smart City Networks.

The City of San Diego that it will deploy over 3,000 smart sensors as part of an ambitious upgrade to its street lighting system provides evidence that we are on the cusp of a new phase for smart street lighting and city networks.

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Intelligent Lighting in San Diego | GE Lighting

GE and The City of San Diego have launched a pilot program to turn street lights into intelligent, connected devices.

San Diego—Sept 23, 2015—“Imagine if your street light could do more than just provide light… if it could identify hazards in the roadway and deploy city crews… if it could help sense an entire environment and create the data a community needs.” David Graham, deputy chief operating officer for the city of San Diego, explains: “It’s not a fiction anymore. It’s a reality that we are doing with this Intelligent Cities partnership.”

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The Future of Lighting

Today’s light not only illuminates. Today’s light is bright.

GE Lighting—GE’s new LED solution, Intelligent Environment for Cities, uses LED street lighting installations to connect, collect and analyze data being generated, harnessing the power of the Industrial Internet to help a city run better while providing new services and conveniences for residents and visitors. Watch the video to see examples of what could be driven through this GE connected LED solution in the future.

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National Geographic showcases San Diego in an hour-long documentary on Smart Cities

National Geographic Channel’s “World’s Smart Cities: San Diego”

National Geographic Channel features San Diego, one of only four cities in the world and the only U.S. city on the list, in its acclaimed documentary series “World’s Smart Cities”. San Diego was chosen for its strong technology sector, local innovators, green practices, smart public planning and an unparalleled quality of life. A significant factor of this is the smart street lighting installed in downtown San Diego with GE’s energy-efficient LED street lighting fixtures and wireless lighting controls that will save the city more than $250,000 annually."World'sSmartCities"SanDiegobyNationalGeographicChannel/afromahref=

GE Unveils LED-enabled Intelligent Environments, a Glimpse into The Connected Future

LED technology enables Intelligent Environments for cities, buildings and homes, going beyond illumination and changing the way we live.

NEW YORK—May 5, 2015—GE gathered industry thought leaders and influencers from Qualcomm,  City of San Diego, City of Jacksonville to share insights on how intelligent LED lighting is transforming cities, buildings and homes. The marriage of lighting and big data provides new ways to drive unprecedented efficiency, utility and experiences that will change the way we navigate our hometown, the way we shop at the grocery store and the way we live everyday life.

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San Diego Customizes LED Lighting

gaslamp3San Diego to Save More than a Quarter of a Million Dollars Annually with GE Smart Lighting Technology

First U.S. City to Adopt GE’s LED Street Lighting Solution with LightGrid™ Wireless Controls for Decorative Downtown Lighting

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Jan. 28, 2014 — (NYSE:GE) — San Diego announced today that it will illuminate its downtown district with GE Lighting’s intelligent lighting system, including LED street lighting, making it the first city in the United States to adopt GE’s LightGrid™ technology. The new system, set to be in place by spring of this year, will offer improved and energy-efficient lighting that will save the city more than a quarter-million dollars in energy costs each year.

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